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Key Procedural Aspects of Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) Arbitration Proceedings

A domain-name can become an important asset for any organization or business interacting through the Internet.  Unlike trademark law, where a single mark can be used in a number of industries, a domain-name is controlled by a single entity per top level domain. (e.g. only one entity can control Disputes (including cyber-squatting) over the control of domain-names occur frequently;… Read more →

Ramifications of the America Invents Act (AIA)

The America Invents Act (AIA), signed on September 16, 2011, brought upon the patent law field, the most comprehensive change in statutory patent law in the past sixty years. The most controversial of these changes is the switch from a First-To-Invent to a First-To-File priority regime. Prior to the AIA, the inventor who come up with a concept first could… Read more →